Who is Molly

‘Molly’ is released on April 21st. See the video on YouTube. Download on iTunes. Stream on Spotify.

It was late. Drunk. With people from the office. Agency people. Haircuts and new media. 3am, even the late bars were closing. It was someone’s birthday. These guys like to go to strip clubs. I’d never been. Always thought them sad, disrespectful. The thought: a club full of women paid to make men feel good. Didn’t sit right.

[does affection paid for feel like real affection]

Still. I did like to drink and I wasn’t done yet. They said let’s go to the strip club. They said we have a membership, won’t cost to get in. I figured OK. I figured won’t hurt to see it the once. Shouldn’t judge until you’ve seen it yourself.

Big black man told the rules. No touching. No walking around. We’ll sit you down, get you a drink. Only get up to buy booze and piss. Any trouble you’re out.

[you are animals. you are bipedal penises]

Whisky was overpriced. £8 for a Maker’s. Strippers work like charity muggers. What’s your name. What do you do. Oh that’s interesting. Would you like a dance? Scripted questions and casual touches to get you half way aroused before they pump you for cash.

Didn’t want a dance. Still didn’t like the set up. Told them no. It’s OK. I’m good. Just want to drink. One stripper came. Turned her away. Another. Asked the same questions. The third came I said hey I don’t want a dance but feel free to talk. Expected her to leave but she didn’t.

Molly she said her name was. She asked what I did I said I write for cash I don’t really like it music’s what I do but it doesn’t pay the rent. She told me she loved to read. Loved, past tense. She told me she’s heavily dyslexic so although she adored Harry Potter she just doesn’t have the time to struggle now she’s grown and got to cover the bills. But she misses it.

She told me she was new at the club. Been working three weeks. Lives in Camden, gets the train to Brighton to work on weekends. Glamour models during the week in London. I asked did she like it.

What do you think.

Upset. She was drunk. She remembered herself. Remembered she was working. Recovered. Said I just want to feel special. I do it because I just want to feel special you know. Hey look at the girl up there on the pole she makes me wet. Makes me wet. She making you hard. Do you want a dance. No, I don’t, I just came here to drink. Buy me a drink then you want a shot let’s do a shot together. No. It’s OK. Thanks for the chat.

I sunk my whisky and left. I woke with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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