How we made the video for Molly

One day in Vienna, my girlfriend Alissa described a video idea for Molly. We weren’t intending on releasing it as a single, but she likes the song and often imagines videos in her head for tunes she likes.

As we walked to the supermarket, she described Molly’s day slowly unfurling on screen. Waking up mid-afternoon, drinking coffee, wiping off last night’s makeup and making herself special for another night’s work.

The idea struck me. It was just the right mix of narrative and simplicity to make a memorable music video. It also sounded achievable on a limited budget.

Immediately, I pictured my friend Corrinne as Molly. I’d seen some modelling she’d done, and knew she would fit the part. I also knew she had a fashion photographer friend – Carl – who had recently branched into film. His eye would be perfect for the shots Alissa was describing.

When the video we were intending to release wasn’t going to be ready in time, I made the calls. Corrinne was in, Carl was in, my Dad – a filmmaker for most of his life – was willing to edit.

Alissa and I sat down in Café Jelinek – a shabby, bohemian, traditional Kaffeehaus seemingly unchanged since it opened its doors in the late 19th century – and talked through the video; establishing the narrative, defining shots and pacing.

I wrote a brief, Alissa painstakingly storyboarded, we sent everything to Carl and Corrinne in Brighton. I arranged equipment hire, Corrinne went underwear shopping – sending me Whatsapp pictures to choose between sets of gaudy lingerie. She sent me the receipt and her bank details.

I have never bought another woman underwear. I didn’t imagine my first time like this.

The day of the shoot arrived. An odd sensation, knowing your video is shooting in another country and you just have to get on with your day.

A hard drive containing the files was shipped to my parents’ house in Herefordshire. We received the first edit a couple of days later.

The video has now had over 6,000 views between YouTube and Facebook.

I’m immensely proud, and immensely impressed by the video for Molly. I’m allowed to be impressed because I had very little to do with it.

I love the video for Molly because I think it’s a wonderful piece of work, the kind of video that stands on its own, worthwhile in itself; more than merely a promotional tool.

But I also love it because of what went into it. A testament to what modern technology can achieve – conjured into being across countries and counties – and to the generosity of others.

The longer we keep going as a band, and the more people we enlist to work with us, the more humbled I am by the willingness of others to put time and effort into what we’re doing, simply because they believe in it.

Watch the video below:

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