Afraid of Silence@Clockwork Owl

A stripped back version of Afraid of Silence at Tim Bidwell’s Clockwork Owl Studios. Taken from the album Goodbye to Brighton.

Molly – Official Video

The official video for Molly. Starring Corrinne Williams as Molly. Directed by Carl Thomson Humphris. Creative Direction by Alissa Thaler. Edited by Ian Lewis. Produced by Nick Lewis.


Goodbye to Brighton

The farewell album to Brighton, and a document of Nick’s depression. Recorded near-live in two days at Livingston One, London.


The first single from the forthcoming album Goodbye to Brighton. A smoky jazz ballad about a drunken stripper in Brighton, and a voice described as “like pouring molasses over hot coals.”

Years in the Making

The debut album, made over seven years. Written, composed, produced, mixed & mastered entirely by Nicolas alone. Eclectic and electronic, but built around raw, honest, songwriting.